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Mandarin Language Classes

Through direct conversation and dialog in real-time with engaged instructors and fun projects

$1200 full year High School Mandarin Credited course.

This is a self-study course with teachers' support. Students meet their Mandarin teacher 8 times (one to one) per year (two semesters). Students need to follow the study guide, do the required assignments and study the curriculum to meet the course requirements. In partnership with Stanza Academy,Enrollment in the ChiWonder course includes enrollment with Stanza International Academy. Transcripts or report cards are issued through Stanza International Academy, a Cognia accredited private school in California. UC A-G course approved. Our courses help your children to be able to use Mandarin to communicate in speaking and writing/typing. Our curriculum has been used by Qualcomm, Mediatek, high tech companies, law firms and international business ...etc. Open more doors of opportunities for your children's future. We are offering Chinese 1,2,3 this year which will satisfy High Schools' two years forign language requirement. AP courses will be available in 2023-2024. Each course is full year or 2 semesters.

Here is the link to UC A-G course lists. click the link and search Stanza Academy.Then search Stanza Academy's courses lists on UC A-G.

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At Chiwonder, our online classes are flexible and offer many projects to keep children engaged. They’ll get to learn on their own time, work on fun projects, and have native speakers to help them be successful academically and professionally.


One-to-one private lessons tailored to the student's ability. Teachers teach how they want to teach and are able to personalize the lessons for the student's level, interest, and/or specialty. Private instruction is both the most effective and quickest way to learn what you're interested

Project Based

If you're given the choice between doing a course that's mainly project-based or not, definitely go for the one with more hands-on assignments. Not only is it more interesting, but you'll also be able to work on what interests you most. That’s why we have a project-based curriculum that is a smaller step in the direction of building a love for languages. It allows students to learn about topics they are interested in and care about.

Flexible Schedule

Students have a lot on their plate these days and it can be tough to fit an extra subject into their day. Our courses are available for students to take any time, anywhere, to make more room in their schedule for classes and other activities. We offer courses year-round and they start anytime. Lessons can stop if needed and you can cancel or re-schedule them with 24 hours' notice.

100% Live Instruction

You can learn via video chat and see the instructor for 24, one-hour, intensive sessions to complete a full year of high school language course credit.

Mandarin Immersion and Cultural Discovery

Courses like these allow students to explore a new culture without ever stepping foot in another country. They learn about it and also get to immerse themselves in that culture.

World- Class Instructors

Our experienced instructors love to work with high school students. The students can meet with the same instructor every time, making it easier to build a relationship and skills. Instructors can also review the personal progress of the student.

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