Chiwonder do not require your children to write the Chinese characters pages after pages. We focus on training your children to be able to communicate through speaking and writing(typing) Chinese.

Overview Chiwonder for your children

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How does this online Mandarin Immersion work?

Mandarin language is a very Challenging language to acquire proficiency. There are many books and material on the market to help,however, people and parents feel frustrated. Our curriculum specialists working from K-12, Colleges, and corporates Mandarin language training, we are able to set the goal for different needs. Here is our curriculum specialists and founder's information. Click Here

Online classes can be arranged 1-5 times by parents requests. Students homework andstudy time is assigned by the options of students' and parents' desired end results. Homework includes Mandarin cartoons, crafts, Mandarin songs, videos,

We suggest 30 mins/day to have exposure of Mandarin. Individual study plan will be issued after we have the meeting with parents and had the placement test (either by our own assessment or AVANT Stamp 4Se or Stamp 4S Mandarin proficiency test.

Preschool - 2nd Grade

Project Based Curriculum: Chiwonder Project 1: Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant

There are 24 books. Each book teach the key concepts, sentences, words related to the target goals. Click Here For Details

At this stage, children will still learn to and write Chinese characters, stroke order. Chinese characters recognition are related to the reading ability and it starts with the hard work of repetition of writing and memorizing those words. The Chinese character writing worksheets will be assigned. We would encourage children to trace and then write these Chinese characters if they start to learn Chinese at early stage. Parents can discuss with teachers to adjust how many practices are enough for achieving their learning goals.

3rd - 5th Grade

Project Based Curriculum: Chiwonder Project 2: My Journey in China

Click Here For Details

Students start learn to type Chinese. Pinyin system (the system to help to pronounce Chinese characters) is introduced at this stage. Our teachers will start to train teachers.

Curriculum: Chiwonder Project 2: My Journey in China

Middle school and High School

We would like to train your children to think, to speak and to type simutenously after graduating our program.

Our instruction focuses are to

  1. Train presentational style speaking and writing/typing.

  2. Aligned ACTFL (Amercian Council on Teaching Foreign Language website) cando staement and STAMP 4Se and STAMP 4S Benchmarks

Images screenshots from AVANT STAMP Test

  1. We partner with Stanza Academy and offer high school credited Mandarin courses. Here are the details.

  2. STAMP 4Se and Stam 4S language proficiency test yearly or every 6 months are strongly recommended.

Novice Low-Novice Mid

Novice Low-Novice Mid

Intermediate low to Intermediate mid

For Intermediate mid-Advanced levels: Chiwonder use various curriculum such as boks published

Parents want to Learn Mandarin, too?

You will use those cutting edge learning material that we train the public Tech companies and international business. Click here for more infomation.

Introduction Speak Chinese in 10 Lessons .pptx
Introduction of Chinese Phrases and Grammar Made Easy.pptx
Survival Chinese for Tours and Business Trips.pptx
So Easy! Cook and Speak Chinese.pptx
Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant .pptx
Easy Chinese for Real Estate Sales.pptx