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Lesson 1 (0:00-4:42)

Mom's Birthday

It is Mummy Pig’s birthday and setting a good example for his kids, Daddy Pig prepares a good bed breakfast for Mommy Pig. The kids, Peppa and George have also prepared a card for their mother. She is delighted to see her family putting special efforts. Next, Daddy Pig along with Peppa and George rush back to the kitchen to ready her birthday cake. They want to put the exact number of candles as her age, but they do not have enough candles and Peppa is surprised to know her mother is so old! Meanwhile, Mommy Pig also comes downstairs and wants to enter the kitchen. However, they do not let her see the cake and Peppa rushes her mother to the sitting area to read some magazine. Mommy Pig laughs as they are adorable and have not left her with a choice.

When it is time to decorate the sitting area, Peppa coaxes her mother to have a walk in the garden. The family decorates the area beautifully. Soon Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig also come. They wish Mommy Pig and give her the present. She cannot go inside with Grandpa and Granny as decorations were still on. When done, Peppa closes her mother’s eyes and brings her inside. She is surprised by the wonderful arrangements and the cake. After cutting the cake, Daddy Pig gives her the present- a beautiful dress. She puts it on and everybody likes it. Daddy then gives her the theatre tickets and she is too happy and thanks and kisses her family.

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Lesson 2 (4:43-9:02)


In this episode, the family visits Grandpa Pig and Granny pig. They find Grandpa in the garden working with plants. Peppa also wants to learn and grow an apple tree when Grandpa shows her many apple trees. Grandpa teaches the kids- they need to dig a hole, put a seed in it, cover it with soil and water it every day. The seed will develop into a plant and then grow into a big tree. Grandpa asks Peppa to plant a strawberry tree and gives her a seed. She does exactly how Grandpa had taught her and George and Peppa impatiently wait for the tree to grow. Nothing happens but it is time to go back. Grandpa promises the kids that on their next visit, it will be a plant.

Grandpa takes care of the strawberry seed and waters it daily. When Peppa and George visit, Grandpa gives them 1 strawberry each, from the plant that Peppa had planted. While Peppa wants to plant more, Grandpa asks George to plant a tree. George then digs a big hole and puts his toy dinosaur inside it, instead of the seed. Peppa laughs and tells him that dinosaurs don’t grow like that. When the family sees George trying to plant a dinosaur, they all fall off laughing.

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Lesson 3 (9:08-13:37)

Muddy Puddles

It is raining outside and Peppa and George cannot go out to play. When the rai stops, they take Daddy’s permission and go out. Peppa finds a muddy puddle and starts jumping in it. Mommy gives Peppa her boots because one should always wear boots while playing in muddy puddles. George also wants to play, so Peppa gives him his boots- she looks after George like a good elder sister.

They go about jumping in puddles. George finds a big puddle and Peppa finds a small puddle. They then see a very big muddy puddle. George wants to jump in it, but Peppa stops him and checks if it is safe for George. While jumping, Peppa splashes muddy water on George and he starts crying. Peppa calms him and both start jumping in the muddy puddle and are covered in mud. They then run to Daddy to show him how funny they look. Daddy cleans them up before Mommy could see the mess and promises Peppa that everyone will go out to play. When everything is all cleaned, all 4 put on their boots and go out to splash muddy puddles, as they all love splashing in muddy puddles and eventually, they all get covered in mud.

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Lesson 4 (13:37 -18:02)

Play Groups

Daddy is taking Peppa and George to the play school. It is Peppa’s play school, and both Daddy and George are excited. But Peppa thinks George is too small for her play school and she wants to play with kids of her age, and little George and his toy dinosaur. When they reach, Peppa introduces George to her friends and they all like him and wish they had a younger brother. George likes scaring others with his toy dinosaur. Peppa feels proud of her younger brother.

The teacher then asks them to paint something. Peppa feels George does not know how to paint, and upon the teacher’s suggestion, she tries to teach him how to paint a flower. Peppa starts with beautiful pink colors and makes a very good painting of a flower. George takes the green and does not follow Peppa’s instructions and ends up painting a dinosaur. Teacher and the other kids like both their drawings and put them up on the wall. Peppa feels very proud of her little brother, and when the parents come, Peppa asks the teacher if George could come the next time. Teacher agrees, and asks George to paint something, and again he says a dinosaur! Everyone has a hearty laugh because of George.

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Lesson 5 (18:03 -22:27)


In this episode we see that Mommy Pig gives Peppa a secret box and asks her to keep anything in it but only she should know. Peppa is excited as she likes a secret and decides not to tell her family. She goes to the room and shows George the box and asks him to wait outside till she puts something inside her secret box. George wants to know about it, but Peppa won’t tell and asks him to make a guess. He cheerfully says a dinosaur- his favourite. Peppa enjoys it as George had guessed it wrong. She then goes to Daddy Pig and asks him to do the same. He guesses spectacles and then shoes, but he is also wrong. Peppa finally goes to Mommy and finds that even George got a similar secret box. Little George won’t tell about the contents, but Peppa wants to know. Mommy then gives the solution- each will reveal one secret item of their box. Peppa says it should be done together. George takes out a drum, while Peppa takes out a trumpet. They both start playing their instruments and the family enjoys it. George has another item- a custard pudding in the box, but Peppa has none. So, Mommy brings custard pudding for everyone as the family loves it, and Daddy puts it in the best box- his stomach, while the family follows suit.

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Lesson 6 (22:40 - 26:53)

Polly Parrot

In this episode, we see that Daddy, Mommy, Peppa and George visit grandpa and granny. Granny tells them that they have a new pet parrot and introduces them to the parrot named Polly. The parrot copies everything that granny says, and upon asking, Peppa learns that parrots copy what we say. Granny calls everyone for tea, but Peppa and George stay put, and only go inside when granny tells them about the chocolate cake. Both of them love chocolate cake, but today they finish it off in a hurry, so they can play with Polly.

Peppa asks George to talk to Polly first, but George is somewhat shy so Peppa says ‘hello’ and Polly repeats the same. The 2 kids no longer fear Polly and start playing with her and have a lot of fun. They also pretend to be parrots. Peppa then teaches Polly, “I am a noisy parrot” and Polly repeats the same, much to the kids’ delight. But when Granny comes and says “I am a clever parrot”, Polly still keeps repeating the line Peppa taught her- I am a noisy parrot. Grandpa starts laughing and everyone laughs and fall off, and Polly Parrot mimics the same action- she too falls off laughing.

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Lesson 7 (26:53 - 31:20)

Music Instruments

Here we find Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig cleaning up the house. They bring an old and dusty box from the attic, for the kids. The box contains several old musical instruments. Mommy plays the violin well, and both Peppa and George want to learn, but they play it too bad. Daddy gives Peppa the drum and she plays it well, so she loves it. Daddy plays the accordion and it sounds very pleasing. George also wants to play it but fails again. It was probably too difficult for him.

The only instrument left is the big horn. Peppa blows it, but she fails. Then Mommy tries, and she fails as well. Daddy believes someone stronger will be able to play the big horn and gives it a try. Daddy also fails in playing the horn. The 3 then start playing the musical instruments which suits them the best. Suddenly a mighty horn blows and everyone is surprised to see George play it. He does what Daddy, Mommy and Peppa failed to do. It was not a matter of strength, but of the right technique. The family then happily plays beautiful music together as a team, with George playing the horn, Peppa playing drums, Mommy playing violin and Daddy playing accordion.

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Lesson 8 (31:20 - 35:52)

Mr. Dinosaur Is Lost

In this episode we see that George’s favourite toy is his dinosaur which he always keeps with himself- during bath, during supper, during sleeping. He loves to throw his toy dinosaur up in the air and catch it when it falls down below. One day when the family was inside, George was outside in the garden, playing with his dinosaur. He comes back crying as he lost his favourite toy. Peppa was playing with Daddy and she defeated him in the game.

When George tells everyone about the dinosaur, they promise to find it back. Daddy says it needs a detective. Peppa wants to be the detective, so Daddy explains that he is an expert in finding objects. Peppa has to ask good questions and she tries to find the dinosaur in obvious places like bath, bed, but is unable to find it, when Mommy suggests that they should look in the garden. They go near the tree where George was playing by throwing the dinosaur high up. Daddy gives the hint to Peppa and she quickly finds the dinosaur. Daddy gets the dinosaur and gives it to George, who again throws it up and it gets stuck in the tree again. Daddy then tells him that it is not a good idea to throw things near the tree as they get stuck easily.

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Lesson 9 (36:01 - 42:26)


Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig wanted to go out for the evening, so they asked Grandpa and Granny Pig to babysit the kids. Before leaving, Mommy put the kids to bed and asked them to sleep. She bids goodnight and Daddy and Mommy leave for the evening. Granny and Grandpa talk about how good the kids are and how easy it is to babysit them. Unable to sleep, Peppa and George jump out of their beds and start playing and making a lot of noise. Grandpa and Granny decide to check and upon hearing them coming, the kids go off to bed again, pretending to be asleep.

Grandpa and Granny come back downstairs and start watching TV- a gardening show, Grandpa’s favourite. The kids come down and take the permission to watch TV along with them. However, they soon get bored and want to play with Grandpa and Granny. Grandpa bounces the kids in the air and catches them, and when he is tired, they run about and ask Granny to catch them. Soon after, Mommy and Daddy come back home. They are curious if the little ones have slept. To their surprise, they find all of them fast asleep, in the sitting room itself!

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Lesson 10 (42:26 - 44:52)

Cleaning the Car

It is a beautiful sunny day and Daddy wants to take the family to a ride in the country. When they see the car, Mommy gets angry seeing it dirty and muddy. Daddy shows that the inside is even more messy and they decide to clean the car. Daddy wipes the roof, Peppa wipes the doors. George wants to wipe the window, but being too small, he could do it only with Mommy’s help. George drops his sponge in a muddy puddle and mistakenly wipes with it. His sponge then falls inside the water bucket and the water gets muddy. Without knowing it, Peppa splashes the muddy water on the car. All the car is dirty and muddy again.

Daddy suggests that they clean it with the garden hose and Peppa wants to help. She takes the hose while Daddy turns the water on, and she splashes water on herself, on Mommy and on everything. Mommy asks Daddy to stop the water. He comes laughing as the car is all clean. Mommy says everybody is now clean. They go inside to dry themselves why Daddy polishes the car till he could see his reflection. When back, Mommy decides to drive. On their way, Mommy says they will keep the car clean, but just then they splash water on a big muddy puddle and the car is all dirty again. The family has a hearty laugh at the situation.

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