Accredited by WASC

Chiwonder  is extremely pleased and proud to announce that Chiwonder  has been granted accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The ACS WASC Commissioners have determined Chiwonder meets the Supplementary Education Center/Program accreditation criteria for the following program(s): Language, Math, Online Course Publisher with Instructors. 

Chiwonder Chinese Level 1- Level 3

Studnets can Communicate in Chinese fluently after these 3 levels

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Grade 3-12

Digital Curriculum

Grade 3-12

Digital Curriculum

Grade 3-12

Digital Curriculum

Each level help students to achieve the target level of proficiency

Level 1: From Novice Low to Novice Mid

Level 2: From Novice Mid to Intermediate Low

Level 3: From Intermediate Low to Intermediate Mid

Google classroom

Develop TedTalk Speaking Skills 

Simplified Chinese

Story Telling skills Building

Chiwonder Mandarin Learning is a meticulously designed program that guides learners on a transformative journey towards attaining fluency in their target language, Mandarin 

ChiWonder Levels 1 to 3 – an effective Chinese learning program based on ACTFL standards, tailored for grade 3-8 students. We have designed this curriculum by integrating technology and physical books, ensuring that teachers can deliver lessons effortlessly while incorporating best practices in both the sequential structure and delivery methods.

Our curriculum emphasizes training students to achieve fluency in speaking and typing Chinese. Our unique and unconventional training methods enable students to think, speak, and type Chinese simultaneously.

Each lesson consists of the following sections:

Discover a sample lesson in Google Classroom!

Your children will be trained to speak like the Chinese native speakers.

We believe  thinking , speaking and writing/typing should be connected together.

Mandarin learners should focus on typing instead of handwriting Chinese characters.

It is very common that Mandarin learners feel very challenged to move from novice level to intermediate mid level. If your children still do not speak much Chinese after couple years of learning in some Chinese schools or programs, this is the right curriculum for your children.

Novice Low-Novice Mid

 Lesson 1  Greetings

      Lesson 2  Who is he?

      Lesson 3  What is that?

      Lesson 4  What is your name?

      Lesson 5  Number (1)

      Lesson 6  Number (2) 

      Lesson 7  Where (1)

      Lesson 8  How much is that? (1)

      Lesson 9  What time is it ? (1)

      Lesson 10  Calendar (1)

      Lesson 11  Calendar (1) 

      Lesson 12  4 Senses   


Novice Mid to Intermediate Low

 Lesson 1  Express my intentions

      Lesson 2  How old are you?

      Lesson 3  Color and Clothing

      Lesson 4  My family

      Lesson 5  The weather is good today

      Lesson 6  I am very tall

      Lesson 7  Comparison 

      Lesson 8  We are good friends 

      Lesson 9  Where (2)

      Lesson 10  How do you feel? 

      Lesson 11  I love Sports

      Lesson 12  Grocery Shopping 

Intermediate low to Intermediate mid

      Lesson 1  Meals and snacks

      Lesson 2  Hobbies and sports

      Lesson 3  Daily activities

      Lesson 4  Order food in a Chinese restaurant

      Lesson 5  Make a phone call

      Lesson 6  Jobs

      Lesson 7  Classes and subjects

      Lesson 8  My house 

      Lesson 9  Invite friends to my house

      Lesson 10  Vacation

      Lesson 11  My birthday

      Lesson 12  Weather and seasons