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Chiwonder project 1

Sample Lesson

Chiwonder Project 2 Sample Lesson

Ages 3-6 Beginners

More exposure to the Mandarin Chinese language such as cartoons, children's songs and fun activities such as drawing or tracing in learning Chinese characters are encouraged. Most importantly, children should be able to use the language they learn in real life.

Chiwonder Project #1 Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant. There are 24 Books (Modules). It includes basic greetings, number lessons, how to ask and answer questions regarding when? who? where? What happened? and where?, how to order food and build a small talk with friends in a Chinese restaurant setting.

Google classroom is the learning platform. Each lesson includes video lessons, audiobooks, Chinese characters writing worksheets, flashcards, and crafts. At the end of each lesson, students will be trained to speak at a native speaker's speaking pace. Your children would love this program with the class embedded with stories, songs and fun activities. Learn More

Project #2 My Journey in China

This is the curriculum for students already completed the Project #1 Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant. It is designed for students to learn all surviving Chinese in 24 small books with comprehensive icons and graphics to make the Mandarin Chinese fun and easy to learn.

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