Chiwonder Course Catalog

Our Teaching Approach:

At Chiwonder, we focus on building communication and presentational skills in speaking and writing. We recognize the importance of Mandarin language skills in today's global landscape. Hence, we've developed an express method tailored to help students acquire Mandarin language skills swiftly and effectively, ensuring they are well-equipped for real-world interactions and presentations.

Our Methodology

Our project-based approach is rooted in the belief that students best acquire language skills when they see its tangible application in the real world. By focusing on real-life situations and practical scenarios, we ensure that young learners internalize vocabulary, sentence structures, and cultural nuances more effectively. Our projects are structured to encourage gradual progression in linguistic capabilities, ensuring that each child experiences growth and confidence in their Mandarin journey.

High School

Chiwonder is a WASC-accredited program, and we are in the process of becoming a UC A-G course online publisher. In collaboration with California high schools, we offer accredited high school Mandarin courses.

Chinese I:  

Begin your journey with the Chinese language and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of China's history and culture. In Chinese I, students will learn basic pronunciation, tones, and foundational vocabulary and sentence structures. By the end of this course, students will be able to conduct simple conversations and have a basic understanding of Chinese characters and pinyin. Cultural insights will be interwoven to provide a holistic learning experience.

Chinese II:

Building on the foundation set in Chinese I, Chinese II delves deeper into the language, expanding vocabulary and introducing more intricate grammar structures. Students will engage in more advanced dialogues and reading exercises, fostering greater confidence in both spoken and written Chinese. Cultural elements, ranging from festivals to cuisine, will be further explored to enrich the language learning journey.

Chinese III:

Advance your language skills in Chinese III, where students delve into complex topics and narratives. This course fosters improved reading comprehension, expansive vocabulary, and a deeper understanding of grammar. Enhanced speaking exercises allow students to articulate thoughts on a broader range of topics. Dive deeper into the nuances of Chinese culture, history, and contemporary issues.

Chinese III Honors:

This intensive course is designed for dedicated students eager to accelerate their language proficiency. In addition to the core content of Chinese III, the honors course places a greater emphasis on critical thinking, reading challenging texts, and articulating nuanced opinions. Ideal for those seeking a rigorous and immersive Chinese learning experience.

Chinese IV:

At this advanced level, students are encouraged to express themselves fluently and effortlessly. Chinese IV covers intricate topics, idiomatic expressions, and sophisticated grammatical structures. Reading and interpreting diverse materials, from literature to news articles, will hone students' comprehensive skills. Engaging discussions on traditional and modern Chinese societal norms will provide a deeper cultural context.

AP Chinese:

A culmination of the Mandarin program, the AP Chinese course prepares students for the Advanced Placement Chinese Language and Culture exam. This course emphasizes proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will explore various authentic resources, from films to literary excerpts, to strengthen their analytical skills. Engaging in real-world tasks, they will refine their linguistic capabilities and gain an in-depth appreciation for Chinese culture and its global influence.

Middle School 


Embark on an enriching linguistic adventure tailored for young learners. Chiwonder Mandarin's middle school courses are meticulously crafted, blending structured curriculum with engaging activities. Dive into the captivating world of Mandarin and explore the rich tapestry of Chinese culture.

Beginner's Mandarin (Grade 6):

Starting the Journey

Kickstart your Mandarin learning experience with basic vocabulary, pronunciation, and essential sentence structures. Through interactive lessons, students will be introduced to pinyin, simple characters, and cultural tidbits. Engaging activities and stories bring the language to life, fostering enthusiasm and foundational knowledge.

Intermediate Mandarin (Grade 7):

Deepening the Connection

Building upon the foundation, students will expand their vocabulary, delve into more intricate sentence formations, and enhance reading and writing skills. With a mix of traditional tales and contemporary themes, learners will cultivate an appreciation for the language's depth and cultural significance.

Advanced Mandarin (Grade 8):

Reaching Greater Heights

Tailored for students who've journeyed through the beginner and intermediate phases, this course is a comprehensive exploration of advanced grammar, extensive vocabulary, and refined conversational skills. Dive deep into Chinese history, folklore, and contemporary nuances, all while perfecting linguistic prowess.

Chiwonder Mandarin K-5 

Laying the Foundations with Project-Based Mandarin Learning


Introduce your young ones to the enchanting world of Mandarin with Chiwonder's innovative project-based learning approach. Our courses for K-5 are uniquely designed to guide students seamlessly from novice low proficiency levels to intermediate low. By immersing students in engaging, real-world projects, we ensure that they not only learn the language but also experience its practical application.

Project #1: Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant

Dive into the Culinary World

Take your first steps into Mandarin by navigating the vibrant environment of a Chinese restaurant. Students will learn essential vocabulary related to food, dining, and basic interactions. By the project's conclusion, they will be able to place orders, ask for recommendations, and hold simple conversations with restaurant staff - all in fluent Mandarin! This immersive experience serves as an appetizing introduction to the language and culture.

Project #2: My Journey in China

Embark on a Cultural Expedition

Chart your course through China's vast landscapes and rich heritage. This project lets students virtually travel through various regions, encountering diverse traditions, landmarks, and local customs. From the bustling streets of Beijing to the serene landscapes of Guilin, students will enhance their vocabulary, practice directions, and delve into descriptive narratives. By journey's end, they'll be sharing tales of their adventures, narrating experiences, and expressing opinions, gradually transitioning from novice low to intermediate low proficiency.

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