Montessori Inspiried mandrin Learning

For children ages 3-8 years old

Our founder of Chiwonder,Melody Lu, is also Certified Montessori teacher. This curriculum is designed and inspired with the methods of project based, Montessori education and special education.

Speak Chinese in a Chinese Restaurant

This video is from our Project 1 Speak Chinese in a Chinese restaurant. Here is the detail of this curriculum

Learn to express their intentions by using

  1. I want, I do not want, and do you want?

  2. I like, I do not like, and do you like?

Learn popular Chinese dishes such as dumplings, rice, and noodles

Learn to combine individual Chinese characters to make sentences to speak Chinese by folowing our Chiwonder method

Material Download:

  1. Flashcards

  2. Videos

  3. Chinese Characters Stroke worksheets (Extended Lesson)

  4. Crafts (Extended Lesson)

  5. Songs

  6. Chinese Stories and Cartoon

  7. Notes for next time visit the Chinese Restaurant (Show up your language skills)

Become fluency in speaking Mandarin Chinese. What is Next?