Online Mandarin Immersion School

Your children will have TedTalk public speaking skills in Chinese if learn with CHIWONDER.

  1. have Ted Talk Style presentation skills in Mandarin/Chinese.

The ultimate goal of learning Mandarin for your children is to be able to presentat his/her ideas in public speaking, and have communication skills TedTalk speaking lasts 18 mins. In order to cultivate this skills, your children will need to learn how to think, draft, speak and type in Chinese.

Your children will learn this skills through our Google slides projects.

Here are our Projects sample.

2. Have Story Telling Skills in Chinese speaking and typing

Story telling skills are im portant for leaders in every industries. Equipped with the story telling skills will enable your children to get more benefits and opportunities in their futule.

This skill skills needs listening comprehension, comprehension,thinking, summirizing a concepts, speaking and typing skills in Chinese

How does online Mandarin Immersion Program work?

  1. with Customized Curriculum

Aligned with ACTFL standard and we prepre your children ready for either presentation style (AVANT STAMP) or AAPL Mandarin proficiency test.

2. Focus on Speaking and Typing

Your childrne should be able to think, speak and type at the same time if the goal is to acquire fluency in Mandarin communication skills.

Through the virtual class, we are able to guide your children to focus more connecting their skills on thinking, speaking and typing in Chinese.

3. Clean and Clear Trackable learning progress

  1. Use google classroom as plateform.

  2. Google classroom APP

  3. Self graded Quiz results

  4. Reports on reading tests results. You will get reports on if your child is speaking like a native speakers' speaking pace.

4. one-on-one lesson or small group class available

4-6 studnets as a small group class or one-on- one class available.

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